Tuesday, 20 November 2012


 What is anti-virus software?

Anti-virus software is a computer program that detects, prevents, and takes action to disarm or remove malicious software programs, such as viruses, worms, backdoors and key loggers. You can help protect your computer by using anti-virus software.

Anti-virus software

There are many different versions of anti-virus software that a user can install to protect their computer system from viruses, some examples of anti-virus software are: AVG, Norton, McAfee and Panda Software.


What is a Firewall?

A Firewall also protects your computer from EVIL hackers!  It is used to maintain the secure use of a computer network. A Firewall can be hardware or software based.

What does a Firewall do?

A Firewalls task is to control the network traffic its main use is to control outgoing and incoming data packets and determining whether it should be allowed through or not. A Firewall essentially builds contact between a secure internal network and another often external network which is assumed to not be secure or trustworthy.

Software-based Firewalls

Software firewalls are installed on your computer (like any software) and you can customize it allowing you some control over its function and protection features. Many personal computer operating systems include software-based firewalls to protect against public threats. This will protect your computer from outside attempts to gain access to your computer.

Hardware based Firewalls

Hardware firewalls can be effective even with little or no configuration and they protect every machine that’s connected to the local network. Hardware firewalls should be an important part of your network set up and system. These can be purchased as a stand-alone product but mainly now found in broadband routers.


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